Inland Services

As well as providing the same services listed under Hull & Machinery, the Inland Department offers the following services:

Walkaroaund Surveys: DLS, representing the owners, can perform Walkaround Inspections when the barge is being cleaned. This inspection determines what repairs, if any, are required for the barge to be reloaded. Any new or recent damages are noted so that possible recovery of repair costs may be instituted.

Pre-load Inspections: DLS offers Pre-load inspections to inspect the barge prior to loading. The barge is inspected to determine suitability for the intended loading.

Post-load Inspections: DLS offers Post-load Inspections to inspect the barge after being loaded in the Gulf area. This inspection provides the four corner approximate draft (necessary for certain river stages). The covers are inspected for the proper setting, sealing, and possible new damage caused as the result of the loading procedures. The cargo is viewed through the cover grain doors, with loading patterns and conditions of the cargo noted. The hull void compartments are noted for water amounts.

Inland Surveyor

Jeremy E. Carson Marine Surveyor
Jared E. Berges Marine Surveyor