Hull & Machinery Services

DLS maintains an extensive computer database of over 12,000 vessels of all types valued by our office since 1988 and has digital access to domestic and international vessel databases. In addition, we maintain an electronic journal in which information pertaining to new construction costs, day rates, repair costs, and actual/reported vessel sales are recorded. As experienced and well-qualified Appraisers, Surveyors, and Consultants, we are able to competently provide the following services: Condition and Valuation for Insurance Purposes (C&V) provides a detailed description, general condition, recommendations for safe operation, navigation limits, and an estimated Fair Market Value and Replacement Cost of a vessel and/or equipment in today’s market. Estimated Orderly Liquidation (OLV) and Forced Liquidation (FLV) values can also be provided.

Damage Surveys

Our experience can determine the nature and extent of damage to a vessel’s hull and machinery, offshore oil field platforms, docks, dredges, yachts, marine related structures and equipment, and vessel cargo. DLS services include preparation of repair specifications, soliciting of bids, negotiating costs, and acting as owner’s representative through the repair period. Additionally, DLS can serve as an adjuster for cargo losses and assist in the final disposition to minimize losses through depreciation and/or salvage sales.

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Our expert knowledge can provide answers to questions and solutions to problems for marine related cargo or equipment deployment, logistics, or any other specialized projects that may require specific planning, estimating, or a feasibility study.

Charter Hire Surveys

DLS can provide the expertise to ascertain the condition of vessels or equipment at the time of an on charter and a subsequent survey at the time of an off charter to determine change of condition, if any, during the charter period.

Expert Witness

DLS can provide expert testimony in the fields of Valuation, Safety, USCG Regulations, Marine Surveying, Vessel Operations, Salvage, Cargo Handling, Navigation, Rigging of Tows, Machinery, and related categories.

Loading, Securing, Trip-in-Tow, Trip-Under-Power

DLS can provide expert analysis and approval of cargo and equipment loading and securing arrangements for transit to domestic or international destinations, including heavy-lift cargo and oilfield related equipment. We can recommend route planning, weather conditions, necessary towing gear, towing arrangements, fuel requirements, ports of refuge, and other pertinent aspects.

Suitability Inspections

DLS has the expertise to provide inspections of vessels or units of equipment to determine their suitability for a specific task or service. We can provide non-destructive testing of metal thickness with audio gauge machines, and tightness of hatch covers, watertight doors, etc., with our ultrasonic tester.

ABS Regulatory Compliance

The DLS staff includes ex-ABS surveyors and ex-U.S. Coast Guard inspectors who can assist owners in compliance with ABS and U.S. Coast Guard regulations, annual, intermediate, and special survey planning, and cargo gear inspections.


DLS has the necessary experience to solicit bids for salvage, and they can monitor salvage operations of sunken or partially sunken vessels, equipment, and yachts. DLS can also solicit bids for damaged cargoes for disposal on an “as is, where is” competitive or negotiated bid sale basis.

Project Management

DLS has on staff surveyors with experience in damage claim estimating and preparation of repair specifications, shipyard experience in estimating and repair, and ex-Port Captains. DLS can provide the necessary resources to identify and develop the scope of repairs to be accomplished on a project. Our team of surveyors, with many years of experience in vessel repairs and shipyard operations, can attend a vessel with the purpose of preparing technical specifications and assist in estimating repair costs and budgeting. DLS can also provide services to oversee repairs and to track progress for milestone payments.

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Surveyors for Hull & Machinery

Harry Ward President hward@dlsmarine.com
Norman J. Dufour, Jr. Executive Vice-President
Norman F. Laskay Of Counsel
Capt. Larry E. Strouse Of Counsel
NAMS-CMS (Retired); ASA;
USCG Licensed Master
Paul F. Deister Marine Surveyor
Nick Paternostro Marine Surveyor
Hull & Machinery Manager
Gary L. Rankin Marine Surveyor
Ave P. Boudreaux Marine Surveyor
Kenneth W. Hendrix Marine Surveyor
Scott C. Bourgeois Marine Surveyor
Michael D. McEntee Marine Surveyor
Ryan T. Armida Marine Surveyor