Cargo Services


DLS provides adjusting service for shipper’s interests cargo claims and, if desired, can effect settlement on behalf of Underwriters. We evaluate but do not pursue recoveries.

Lloyd’s Agencies:

Ever since marine cargo insurance was first introduced, there have been cargo surveyors. Presently, there are over 300 Lloyd’s Agents and almost 340 Sub Agents in every major port and commercial center in the world.  Lloyd’s Agents are appointed for their professionalism and expertise. Training and continuing examination programs exist to ensure Lloyd’s Agents achieve and maintain skills to meet ongoing changes in the insurance and cargo surveying fields.

Dufour, Laskay & Strouse, Inc are proud to be part of the Lloyd’s Agency Network and operate four Lloyd’s Agencies in the Southeastern United States, including New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; Mobile, Alabama; and Tampa Florida.


DLS provides pre-shipment, post-shipment, loss prevention, loading, discharge, and damage surveys for all types of cargo and equipment, whether break bulk, containerized or in storage.

Our services include loading, shoring, ballasting, and rigging apparatus for “Heavy Lift Project” cargoes, inspection, loading, and securing of cargo aboard intermodal units. Our loss prevention service is carried out dry bulk cargoes as well as a variety of break bulk shipments. Our expertise includes but is not limited to steel, wood, paper, rubber, coffee, machinery, electronics, food products, pharmaceuticals, general consumer goods and dry bulk commodities.

Cargo Operations: Louisiana

Wesley S. Cardwell Marine Surveyor
Cargo Dept. – Claims

Cargo Operations: Texas

 Charles R. Shettle  Marine Surveyor
Cargo Dept., Claims

Cargo Operations: Florida

 Rock O’Keefe Vice President
Cargo and Claims Services
 Austin M. O’Keefe  Marine Surveyor
Cargo Dept., Claims